Bloody Red Bob Scarlet

Michael has published more than 200 books and over 1,200 stories, articles and scripts.

With nearly fifty years of writing experience in publishing, Michael now focuses on writing historical fiction for adults, joke and humor books and young adult novels. He is currently working on St. Pat’s Brats, a coming of age book about the baseball rivalry between two nearby Catholic elementary schools.

Newest Release

In 2019-20, Michael J. Pellowski will have his first adult novel published by White Bird Publications in Austin, Texas.

Bloody Red Bob Scarlet is a historical novel which begins with John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry in the mid 1800’s.

Red Bob Scarlet is the son of a northern gunsmith with southern ties who fights for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He is a deadly marksman, an athlete who plays college football’s first game (Rutgers vs. Princeton) and an avenging angel who relentlessly pursues the murderer of his pregnant sister for over ten years.

Along the way, he encounters many historical figures, including James Butler Hickok, Jessie James, Wyatt Earp, Robert E. Lee, Bells Starr and others.

Kindle and paperback versions of Bloody Red Bob Scarlet can be purchased through Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon.