Comic Books

Michael’s comic book writing history includes Horror, Mystery, War, Comedy and Sci-Fi.

He has worked for Marvel, DC, Charlton, Disney, Welsh Publication and Archie comics. He has published about 1,000 scripts. He’s done work on Spider-Man, Six Million Dollar Man, Fantastic Four, Bionic Woman, Space 1999, Heathcliff and Teen Hulk, Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Horror, War and Emergency

Michael has illustrated humor for Sick, Cracked, Crazy, Wack-O and Parody.


Michael has been a staff writer or frequent contributor to Boys’ Life (Scouts) Magazine, Sports Parade, Sick, Cracked, Crazy, CB Times, Duck Tales Mag, Spider-Man Mag, GhostBusters Mag and others.